The green soul of our hotel

Grand Hotel & Riviera offers comfortable rooms, inviting pools and a spa, and an excellent restaurant. Absolutely, but not only that: our hotel is also the ideal choice for an eco-green stay in Versilia. Behind the efficient services and uncompromised comfort, there is a system of sustainable practices to protect the environment and the planet at large. Meticulous care for our Earth involves every aspect of your stay in Lido di Camaiore.

In recent years, Grand Hotel & Riviera has implemented a green-hearted renewal, making us one of the most welcoming green hotels on the Tuscan coast nowadays.


The energy that moves us

Many of the optimizations made in the structure aim at energy efficiency, with measures that safeguard the Earth's resources. In particular, during your stay, you'll discover that our newly renovated heating and cooling systems are designed to provide the right temperature without unnecessary energy consumption. In your room, air conditioning is smart and activates only when all windows are closed.

The windows are also thermally insulated, perfectly isolating the rooms from the external environment, preventing annoying drafts. Additionally, we have installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the structure, producing alternative energy for the benefit of our guests and the environment. After all, Versilia is kissed by bright sunshine all year round, so why not take advantage of it?

If you're on our wavelength and travel green, you won't have to worry about charging your car: we have installed three charging stations for electric vehicles in our garage, at your disposal.


Plastic? No, thanks

One of the achievements of which we are most proud is having eliminated a large part of single-use plastic. You will notice at first glance our commitment: from the courtesy sets to the breakfast buffet, you will find little to no trace of disposable packaging. Glasses, straws, plastic bottles have been banned from the hotel because we love our planet and want to protect it every day.

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials, as disposing of it takes a long time and various processes. We solve the problem at its source, minimizing the use of plastic during your stay in Versilia.

Regarding recycling, we certainly don't hold back. We know how much separate waste collection impacts the ecosystem, which is why we adopt it in every department of the hotel, from the pool to the restaurant and the bar.


Local flavours

Good habits start in the morning at the Grand Hotel & Riviera, where we arrange breakfast with sustainable care. We set the table with washable cotton tablecloths, not disposable ones like those found in the hotel restaurant. Our buffet is primarily plastic-free, but, above all, it is rich in taste.

A genuine, simple, yet irresistible taste: that of good things, made with love and a green heart. Many of the specialties that tickle your palate every morning carry the aroma of Versilia and local scents. From seasonal vegetables to fruit, from delicious cheeses to Tuscan cold cuts—these are all genuine, seasonal ingredients, often sourced locally.

You will find the same attention to detail in the menu of our restaurant, dominated by quality and preferably local raw materials, such as fish caught in our cobalt blue sea. By choosing local producers, we reduce the carbon dioxide emissions necessary for transportation and enhance the gastronomic richness of Versilia, the mother of a wonderful sea but also of the generous countryside.


Book your green stay at the Grand Hotel & Riviera now and enjoy a vacation in harmony with the planet.