Tour & Trips

Emotions of sea, art and nature

A holiday in Versilia means pleasant days on the beach, laying in the sun or wandering the seafront of Lido di Camaiore.

This might be the scene you imagine, but it doesn’t have to end there: you can take hikes in the heart of nature, discover some exciting art or luxury shopping in designer boutiques. Lose your way in the thick woods of the Garfagnana, at the top of the alpine peaks or in some of the most charming villages in Italy.

Antro del Corchia

The depths of the Earth

Encircled by the majestic mountains of Camaiore, the Antro del Corchia is an underground realm steeped in mystery. Among the largest hypogeous environments in Europe, it consists of galleries, shafts, and halls carved by water over millennia, in the marble heart of Monte Corchia. Its caves captivate the imagination of visitors with sparkling stalactites and stalagmites. The darkness is punctuated by faint glimmers of light that reveal surreal and spectacular scenes. The silence, broken only by the dripping of water, creates a suggestive atmosphere. The Antro di Corchia is accessible via a guided tour.

Candalla Waterfalls

Scenic dives

The Candalla Waterfalls in Camaiore, nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, are a small natural gem. The pools of Candallaare bathing streams that form scenic waterfalls thanks to the plunge of their waters, which crash impetuously from the top of majestic rocks. The roar of the water combines with the singing of birds and the rustle of the wind through the trees, creating an atmosphere of pure tranquility where indulging in a refreshing swim is a real pleasure. To reach this oasis of peace, you can take a simple hiking trailfrom Camaiore that leads into the heart of the Versilia forests through picturesque landscapes.

Versiliana Park

Refuge of D'Annunzio

The Versiliana Park, situated between Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, is a verdant oasis of exceptional beauty. Its name is derived from the villa nestled within, which in the early twentieth century welcomed Gabriele D'Annunzio, captivated by the mosaic of holm oaks, pines, and pathways woven through the undergrowth. The poet cherished this haven of tranquility so deeply that he frequented it for afternoon gatherings, a tradition that persists during the summer Festival La Versiliana. Take a stroll among the ancient trees, explore sandy ditches and dunes in search of the myriad birds that inhabit the area, or admire the turtles bathing in the numerous streams.


Medieval charm 

Lucca is the medieval city par excellence in Tuscany: surrounded by mighty walls, it encloses a stony historic center, dotted with churches, cloisters and green gardens. Really nice on foot or by bike, the ancient walls are a walk not to be missed, 12 meters high and crowned by local trees. The Cathedral of San Martino deserves a moment all to itself, to fully enjoy the polychrome facade and the sarcophagus of Ilaria Del Carretto, by Jacopo della Quercia. Gothic masterpiece, the Church of San Michele stands out with an imposing facade in white marble. Between a church and a museum, take refuge in the greenery of the botanical garden.

Torre del Lago

Land of Giacomo Puccini

Torre del Lago is squeezed between Lake Massaciuccoliand the sea, boasts authentic nature and a relaxing atmosphere. Just the quiet character of this place fascinated Giacomo Puccini, who stayed there from 1898 to 1924, in his villa on Piazzale Belvedere, where you can visit his tomb. An excellent reason to visit Torre del Lago is the lake itself, which on the eastern shore hosts the natural oasis of Massaciuccoli. Here various species of birds, fish, frogs and insects coexist in their protected habitat. In Torre del Lago, every summer, the Puccini Festival takes place, with operas by Puccini and other composers, staged with suggestive scenography.


Open-air museum

Pietrasanta has a little historic centre, but full of wonder.  Walking through the narrow streets and squares, you’ll come across sculpture workshops, art galleries and open-air exhibitions. 

The vocation for art pervades every corner: in Piazza Matteotti the imposing statue "Il Guerriero" by Fernando Botero dominates, in Piazza Crispi the gaze is captivated by "Peace Frame" by the American artist Nall. Noble palaces and city monuments crowd Piazza Duomo, take your time to admire each of them without haste: the Cathedral of San Martino, Palazzo Moroni and the Versilia archaeological museum, the former convent of Sant'Agostino and the Barsanti Museum.


The deepest of greens

The real lungs of Tuscany, the region of Garfagnana combines villages impervious to time with dense forests of untouched nature. Enchanting castles, medieval fortresses and ancient churches dot the endless green acres in a mosaic that calls out to be explored. The area of Garfagnana holds endless breath-taking surprises, with landscapes you might not expect to find in Tuscany. Like the Botri Ravine which has all the features of a canyon, dug out by the torrents that flow through the narrow gorge. Or the Grotta del Vento, inlaid with stalactites and stalagmites, lakes with crystallized waters and small underground streams.

Apuan Alps

On the roof of Tuscany

The Apuan Alps are silhouetted by the silent guardians of the Versilia valley: the remarkable peaks give the landscape brushstrokes of ineffable beauty. From antiquity, art has been written in the destiny of these giants with their white marble walls. The noble marble which gave itself up to form some of the greatest masterpieces in the world came from here, like the Pantheon in Rome and the sublime Pietà by Michelangelo. To fully immerse yourself in Tuscan nature, stroll through the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of surprising landscapes. Fossils, minerals, rocks and marbles are set into the brilliant mountain vegetation: this is a show as rare as it is precious.

Forte dei Marmi

Shopping & nightlife

Forte dei Marmi stands out for the sense of exclusivitythat pervades it, from the streets embellished by elegant boutiques, to the bohemian cafes of the town centre, to the very essence of the sea which permeates down from the Fort. This Fort has always had a privileged connection with thinkers, footballers and celebrities who, as early as the twentieth century, considered it a safe haven to escape the humdrum. In Forte dei Marmi many cultures met, fashionsand trends were born, the philosophy of “the good life” found a natural reason for being. Spend a day at the Fort: breathe in the sophisticated allure, walk along the pier on the mesmerizing sea, and give in to the most exclusive nightlife when the sun goes down.

Marina di Pietrasanta

Relaxation guaranteed

Marina di Pietrasanta is synonymous with relaxing and doing “sweet nothing”. That could be because of the over 100 serviced areas along 5km of beachesas well as the refreshingly cool Parco della Versilianathat is spread across thick shaded avenues. The equipped facilities are the kingdom of families and couples who want nothing more than to bask in the sun, the park is a green oasis in which to walk, get lost in the pages of a book or pedal away the day. For a dip into culture, check out some events at the La Versiliana Festival, which includes debates, book presentations and philosophical discussions.


The refined lady of the sea

Viareggio is certainly the most aristocratic town in Versilia: cascades of fashion boutiques, elegant cafés and Art Nouveau architecture embellish its centre. The well-kept beachesand romantic atmosphere make it one of the most popular seaside resorts in Tuscany.

In the evening, when heels replace flip-flops, Viareggio changes its look: glamorous aperitifs, high-class restaurants and exclusive clubs are the perfect spots for high-flying summer nights.Not to mention the most anticipated event of the year: the colourful Carnival, with an extravagant parade of allegorical floats that reflect current events and politics.

Lido di camaiore

D’Annunzio’s Romantic Refuge

Lido di Camaiore has a charm all of its own and interesting but harmonious contrasts. On one side of this Versilian town there’s the immense sea, marked by 4 km of white, soft beaches, and on the other there are the gentle hills with fresh expanses of grass. Behind, the majestic Apuan Alps with their familiar, homely atmosphere, feeling like a mountain resort. This was the landscape, so rare and precious, that fascinated Italian writer Gabriele D'Annunzio, when he chose Lido di Camaiore as his love nest for escapes with his mistress, the actress Eleonora Duse.

In between afternoons on the beach and trips into the hills, take a stroll in the centre of Lido di Camaiore and immerse yourself in Versilia’s very own Dolce Vita.